A Peek at Home


They say home is where the heart is, but for me, home is where the “me” is. Even when I was little, I always wanted my room to be a particular way. Now that I have my own apartment, with a very gracious roommate who lets me decorate it as if it’s my very own apartment.


There are few things I love more than fresh flowers, but sometimes, a simple dried bulb also does the trick.


Art is another way to make home, home. I found my favorite pieces at various markets from Alameda to DC to Oakland to Etsy (like this one pictured above from BigFashionBook).


Having a workspace at home is key and mine must always come equipped with a notepad and plenty of pens on hand. It also doesn’t hurt to have Beyoncé card hanging right above me for some inspiration.


I would call my home décor style as “clean eccentricity.” I always need a white or light colored wall to let my bright and technicolor accessories stand out.


All in all, I don’t think there are any rules for decorating, but if I had to wrap it up into a bite-sized list, here is what I would follow:

  1. Do you research before you buy: For most of my major pieces (like the credenza, desk, and entryway table), I visited them many times in the store before bringing them home. Take measurements, test out the drawer slides, and shop around to see if you can find a comparable piece elsewhere. Luckily, I have Ikea tastes with a Target budget, which has been working pretty well in my favor.
  2. Small accessories can go a long way: A small vase, a teeny frame, and even a greeting card can make an otherwise boring space, a little more fun.
  3. Do YOU: Don’t get things just because they’re the latest in the wheel of home decorating trends. Get things that speak to you!

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