West Coast Craft, Summer 2016

Another year, another West Coast Craft! West Coast Craft did it again with the bi-annual craft fair in San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood. This summer’s festival was packed with people checking out everyone’s wares and there were hardly any girls not wearing frayed-hem jeans. Here’s my wrap-up of the best of the best from the summer edition of West Coast Craft.


After months of Instagram-swooning over her jewels, I finally met the maker herself, as well as her to-die-for Relic Collection that’s she’s been working on. Her ear cuffs, wrist cuffs and dainty rings with an organic feel were so, so beautiful. Also, Molly’s designs are set to be stocked in the previously featured Len Collective in San Luis Obispo!
I couldn’t help but stop by Corinne’s booth after seeing the minimalist color palette, plush fabrics and owner/designer, Susan Kim’s vivacious personality (seriously so, so nice!). Her latest collection of crop tops, pencil skirts (which I wish I picked up) and her super-soft tees are mostly crafted out of french terry and meticulously handmade in her downtown Los Angeles studio.
I love my sundresses, but now that I live in the city where fog and drizzle is the norm in the morning and sudden gusts of wind can blow through, I won’t be wearing those dresses for a long time. Gusts of wind also served as the inspiration to designer Kimber-Lee Alston, who dreamed-up the genius (and incredibly cute) playsuits. They look like a fit and flare mini-dress, but have a secret snap closure for those urgent trips to the bathroom. Plus, no breeze will be able to get through those.
I was pretty much starstruck when I met Instagram-darling, Aleksandra Zee. A one-woman woodworker showcased a special collection of her paneled pieces and her new exploration into hand-stamped fabric wares for her “Everything is Okay” collection.
Hailing all the way from Nashville, Ceri brought her leather goods to San Francisco. I was smitten with the cool colors and the minimalist shapes of her bags that still felt really usable. And those sandals came with a solid birch wood heel that perfectly complemented the buttery soft leather straps.

I continuously walk by this one desk at the office that always has two mugs perched on the desk in an on-trend boob print (yes, boobs!) and a rustic brown and low-profile mug. Turns out, they’re handmade by my coworker and ceramic artist, Gopi Shah. She also keeps a really great online journal, which you’ll spend a good chunk of time reading after checking out everything she makes.
Now do yourself a favor and support these makers and movers and shakers! I’ll see you next time West Coast Craft!

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