Winter Beauty Essentials

If you’re reading this and enjoyed a hot, humid summer—it must have been nice. This summer, I invested in a leather jacket that I hope to have for years to come. And wore it frequently. In the summer. Remind me why I live in San Francisco again, anyone? Since winter is going to make its way here sooner rather than later, I’m getting a head start on wrapping up my favorite winter skincare and beauty essentials that I will be finishing till the last drop until spring hits.

Puffy Under-Eye Patches by Peace Out

Even with a full 8 hours of sleep, a camel’s worth of water during the day and healing crystals by my side, I still wake up with dark circles. Enter these patches by Peace Out. I’ll be honest, they don’t magically lighten my under eyes but they do make them feel super hydrated and refreshed after a 20-minute soak. Bonus points for storing them in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation.

Would I purchase again? Eh, maybe. If I’m feeling luxe.

Ouai Hair Oil

I feel like oils are (were?) having a moment—from face oils, to cleansing oils, to hair oils, to olive oils, everyone is just loving oil. My favorite oil du jour is the kind makes your hair silky, soft and smell like fields of jasmine. I’ve been running this hair oil by the Ouai through my damp strands before bedtime and then again in the morning before I style with hot tools, then just a little bit once I’m done. The result? Very soft hair that I just want to be all up in during the day.

Would I purchase again? Yes. Everything by the Ouai is my favorite scent.

Supergoop! Setting Powder with SPF 45

Growing up, I swear my mom would slather a half a bottle of Coppertone onto my body before I hit the pool after school. Just 10 straight minutes of hovering my arms away from my swimsuit. I may not be swimming as much these days, but wearing sunscreen is a daily habit of mine (no thank you sun spots!). Since the SF fog has a tendency to hide the sun until you’re at least 45 minutes away from home, I’ve started carrying around this powder sunscreen from Supergoop! in my bag for quick SPF touch-ups. Plus, it pulls double duty as a mattifier (which I always need).

Would I purchase again? Yes. Can never have too much sunscreen.

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

I’m still on my natural skincare kick and finding products to swap in for old favorites. My latest facewash favorite is Indie Lee’s cleanser, which does make my skin look a little brighter. Or it really could be a very good placebo effect, but it very well could be the vitamin C and strawberry seed oil (both known for their brightening properties). My face feels refreshed, cleansed and ready to face the day every morning.

Would I purchase again? Yes.

Gloss Bomb by Fenty

Ugh, RiRi. The woman knows how to make fun make-up. I strongly consider myself a no-makeup makeup kind of girl, but I’ve never been soclose to buying hot pink eyeshadow until I saw Fenty Beauty. As an incremental step into the world of more makeup, I picked up Gloss Bomb and boy, I’ve never looked back. Need coffee? Swipe on some Gloss Bomb. Bad day? Swipe on Gloss Bomb. Feel like your outfit needs a little something else? Gloss Bomb.

Would I purchase again? Yasssssssss RiRi!

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