Wednesday Wants: Sneakers 

Sneakers for summer

I am not a heels kind of girl. I think I’ve attempted to wear heels a total of four times. Once for homecoming, once for prom, once for graduation, and probably at least one time in college. I’m like a newly birthed gazelle when I wear heels, so “How to Walk in Heels” has definitely been a search term in Google. Here are my current favorites for lace-up and slip-on sneakers that I’d like to confidently stomp around in.

Nike Roshe One – Ugh, Nike’s are so cool this year. Maybe it’s because Kimye are wearing them everywhere and that’s trickling down to all underlings with less than 40 million followers. This white bone color would mesh well with most everything in my wardrobe — it’d be cool with a navy skirt and an easy chambray top.

Suede Slip-on Vans – I already love my checkered Vans and these suede ones are no exception. I love the heavyweight feeling of Vans, they feel sturdy and supportive, perfect for all of those ollies I’m not doing. These suede vans would go great with a pair of boyfriend jeans, ripped at the knee and an easy tank for the summer, or knit turtleneck in the winter.

New Balance 620’s for J. Crew – Sadly, these babies sold out before I even got to them. For those who do have a pair (ahem, Eva Chen), god bless your soul.

Superga Jersey Sneaker – I love Jersey tees, so why not put them on my sneakers? These Italian designed and made sneakers scream Euro-cool with their low-cut ankles and range of colors just as varied as the homes on the Cinque Terre.  Pair these with anything striped and you’ll look great.

Common Projects Perforated Sneakers – These are the favorite sneakers of Beyonce’s personal assistant. Anything that anyone that close to Bey likes, is automatically liked by me.

Vans Sk8 High Top Sneakers – Yet another appearance by Vans. These classics are the lesser known high-tops in a market where Converse seems to rule. I’d pair these with a dark floral dress and a cool jean jacket for a very cool summer outfit.

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