Wednesday Wants: Quick + Easy Work Outfits

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I live in the Bay Area, I work at a start-up, but I’ve never worn a hoodie to work. Don’t be fooled, my start-up isn’t a buttoned up environment, but hoodies aren’t my favorite thing to walk out the door in unless I’m headed out to sweat or taking out the trash. But, with the colder weather and the dimmer days, I’ve been wanting to snooze my alarm three times in a row instead of get out of bed to stare at what feels like an uninspired closet. To account for my increased snoozing, getting dressed should take up less time. How do you do that? Simplify the colors and eliminate the patterns.

Contour Turtleneck Layering Vest –  Sleeveless turtleneck vests seem to be the big item this Fall and Winter. I can see these going all the way into the Spring, with eventually no layers underneath. Easy to wear with a skirt, jeans, or even over a long-sleeved dress.

Everlane beanie – Everlane’s beanie is so uber-popular that they already sold out of two colors in less than two weeks! I knew I should have gotten the navy one when they restocked. I guess there’s always next year?

Cluse mesh watch – This Cluse watch is clean and modern, with a bit of a classic twist. Watches are the most practical accessory to any outfit.

The Legging Ankle in Light Onyx by AG – Grey might just be the new black when it comes to jeans.  Grey can go with just as many pairings as black, and can also transition seamlessly from day to night.

Dolce Vita Keiton – This is my newest pair of Fall and Winter boots. I’ve been really digging a pair of black tights, an easy dress, and these boots for another easy take on the work outfit.

Madewell Chambray – Chambray. Does it even need an introduction? I’m still searching for my holy grail of chambray, but in my mind, it’s mid-weight, medium wash, and has at least one pocket – just like this one.

The Modern Zip Bag by Everlane – Another greatest hits by Everlane that always seems to have a never ending waitlist. Backpacks are probably the third most beloved accessory in San Francisco, behind laptops and iPhones.

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