Wednesday Wants: Of a Kind Favorites, Part II

of a kind favorites

In today’s edition of Wednesday Wants, we revisit a set I created back when I was a wee blogging Padawan, barely old enough to drink fine wine.

No surprise here, but Claire and Erica are still killing the game when it comes to finely curated goods over at Of a Kind. Here are my favorites from their latest batch of designers. My aforementioned favorite podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, hosted a great chat between all four lady masterminds (Amina, Ann, Claire, and Erica) as they talked about starting a business, taking the plunge from their day jobs, and how their baby of a business turned into something that they actually could hire staff members for. I still love how they focus on the stories behind each designer rather than just putting stuff online.

1. Elliot Fringe Cuff by One Six Five 
2. “I’d Like to Court You” Card by Alisa Bobzien
3. Porcelain Bryce Bowl by Redraven Studios  
4. Raleigh Leather Dog Leash by Louise Goods
5. Gaka Dune Sunglasses by Carla Colour
6. “You Inspire Me” Card by Moglea

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