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Ask my BFF Vicky about my journaling habits and she’ll tell you all about it. In short, I have a journal for every different facet of my life – I have a love-life journal (pretty empty), a creative projects journal (it’s very organized), a life to-do list journal (not as filled-up as I want it to be), my daily journal (good luck reading it), and my to-go journal that I lug around almost everywhere for those pop-up thoughts. I’ve been journaling ever since the 4th grade, when my parents bought me the cutest felt journal that had a dog attached to it’s spine. It’s still at home and definitely has a lot of stuff about my 4th grade crush in there.


So far, I’ve been really good at journaling every day. It’s not prose by any means, more like scribbled short hand with a lot of “@” and “w/” notations, but it’s getting the job done when I want to quickly jot down the day’s events and the goals that I worked towards, and things that weren’t so great. Now that I’ve been staying on with writing almost every day, why not have a cute notebook to write in? Here are my favorites, most of which are pocket sized and have sturdy covers, my must-haves in a journal.
Sugar Paper Polka Dot Journal 
Mossery Pocket Notebook set via Mignon
Shinola Hardcover Linen Journal
Moment Blank Notebook via Poketo
Cactus Notebook by NotOnlyPolkaDots

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