Wednesday Wants: Desk Goods

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I think my affection for spaces in my apartment goes on rotations. Some weeks, I can’t get enough of my kitchen, some weeks, it’s the living room, and some weeks, all of my attention goes towards improving the bathroom.

This week, it’s my desk space. I can’t quite call it my office since my bed shares the same room, but it’s still my rectangular space where I can focus all of my attention on editing photos, writing, or sometimes crafting. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at a stack of three journals, two books, a half burnt candle, and a jar of pens and paintbrushes. I think it’s time for a refresh.

  • Ikea Wireless Charging Lamp – Ikea came out with a cool collection that wirelessly charges phones (so futuristic), but they don’t yet support iOS devices.
  • Target File Box – Just get a set of pretty file folders and this clear file box will be functional and not so bad to look at.
  • Bookends by CB2 – Remember that stack of books that I was talking about? It’s probably time that I get a pair of bookends for my house.
  • Highlighter Pencil from CW Pencil Enterprise – My sweet mom showed me CW Pencil this past weekend. I love shops like this — ones that devote all of their attention to being exceptional purveyors of one or two things.
  • Brass Stamp Holder from Sugar Paper – Sending out bills each month might be made more fun with this at my desk.
  • Notepad by Rifle Paper Co. – I’ve been putting all my weekly to-do’s and goals on one page of a notepad each day and checking off tasks as I go. It’s been a new system of lifehacking for me and it’s working quite well! Pretty notepads make it more fun too.
  • Rifle Paper Co. Weekly Desk Calendar – Can never get enough Rifle Paper Co. in my house!
  • UrbanGirl Block Calendar – I have a really great Dutch (and vintage) card calendar that has a little mermaid holding all of the date cards that I purchased in Rockridge a while back. I love it to death, but my desk could use a more modern upgrade.
  • Brass Pencil Cup by Domino – Brass is just so classy and this pencil cup by Domino would make a nice upgrade to the old jam jar my pens have been hanging out in.

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