Wednesday Wants: City Date Night

City Date Night

Finding a date up here is hard work. Swiping left and right on your phone gets tiring and painful, especially when your thumb starts cramping and you realize you haven’t blinked in a while. Flashy date wear has never been my thing, but maybe that’s because I’ve never been on a flash-worthy date.

If I managed to match with someone who had good enough taste (and sense) to treat us to a night out, preferably at a nice restaurant like any of these on this list, this is what I’d like to wear.

Pow! and Bam! earrings by Edge Only – Pop art inspired earrings? Yes, please. These sterling silver studs are not as dainty as what I normally wear, but would pair swimmingly with a subtle color palate and sleek hair.

3.1. Phillip Lim Two-Tone Silk Mini – Sadly, this dress is no longer around in the e-commerce world. A little frill makes this slightly more feminine than modern, making it a perfect dress to dress up with heels or dress down with pair of black moto boots.

Cropped Sweatshirt by Mango – ¬†It gets cold up here in San Francisco! If I put myself in a pair of strappy heels, you can bet that I’ll find at least one way to be comfortable.

Vampydoly pumps by Christian Louboutin – Inspired by the classic pumps from the 1940s, with the pointed toebox and a wrap-around vamp, these pumps have been updated with a 4-inch stiletto heel by none other than Louboutin. Dark suede has been my favorite shoe fabric of late.

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch – Fresh off of Rebecca Minkoff’s Winter collection, of course it would be full of glitter, studs, and her classic zippers and studs. For a more casual occasion out, I’d pair this with a green cargo jacket, grey shirt, and dark jeans.

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