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Ever since moving into my apartment about a year and a half ago, decorating it and making it my own has become a part-time hobby of mine. And yet another way to feed my shopping addiction. After being inspired by Oh Joy!’s incredible studio, I was hooked on creating my own gallery wall at home — just as if it were styled by Emily Henderson too. As it stands, my gallery wall consists of four prints and two maps. So, just like my love life, I’m looking for more. To round out my unfinished gallery wall, I’ve rounded up my favorite pieces from some of my favorite artists and photographers.

Waiting by Ian Baguskus — I’m a big fan of Jen Beckman’s 20×200 online art store and gallery. This photograph perfectly encapsulates the calm that I love to absorb when I go to the foggy beaches of the Bay Area.

Dreamer by Jennifer Vallez — A few years ago, I picked up a watercolor print for my BFF after seeing Ms. Vallez’s prints on Oh Joy!. It’s been amazing to see this woman grow her small illustration business over the years and continuously put out her whimsical and stylish prints.

Havana Print by Rifle Paper Co. — Another #GIRLBOSS that I’ve admired. Rifle Paper Co. started as a joint business venture between Anna and Nathan Bond, but has since blossomed into a brand that partners with some of the biggest names around (you may have seen their notebooks at Target). This Havana print would be a lively addition to my walls.

California Girl by Sugar Paper — LA Based Sugar Paper has been one of my favorite stationary stores around. They’ve even partnered with aforementioned Jennifer Vallez for a series of limited edition prints.  When I move out of California, I’d definitely take this print along.

Landscape by Linda Donohue — Pastel, atmospheric prints and paintings seem to be my jam. Bay Area born raised and based, Linda Donohue, looked to her home base for inspiration for her Landscape series. I first saw these paintings at my favorite art store, Collector Art Shop, based in Berkeley and now in Jack London Square.

Aloha by Max Wanger — Max Wanger is most definitely one of my favorite photographers. His prints are never fussy or full of too much, they’re simply just one or two brightly colored subjects on an otherwise bare background. This print of a luau dancer’s wrists would be the perfect pop of color, no matter where I end up.

Home is Where the Heart Is by Pamela Baron — Another favorite from Collector Art Shop, by Pamela Baron. Printed on a block of wood, these brightly colored renditions of  San Francisco row houses aren’t too far off base. San Francisco is a pretty colorful city.T

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