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I recently jetted off to Miami, where the water was warm and crystal clear and the sun helped to defrost my chilly San Francisco bones. It was amazing. Miami was amazing. Or maybe just having a real vacation in a long time was amazing. All of our Lyft drivers talked about how the parties don’t begin until after midnight and end at 2 p.m.  But I was just fine going to bed by midnight every night, all the better for seeing this vibrant city.


As with almost all up and coming art scenes, old storage facilities and warehouses has been converted into galleries and boutique stores. While there, you should check out Boho Hunter for amazing jewelry from Latin American craftsmen, Warby Parker’s first concept store, and Panther Coffee for Miami roasted beans. Oh, and the Wynwood Walls of course.

The Standard

The Standard is probably the hippest hotel in Miami. Nestled across the island from the actual beach, The Standard is the ultimate spot for tranquility in South Beach. We squeezed in for a sunset dinner and a few drinks by the pool. Seriously missing those balmy summer nights right now. 

South Beach

South Beach, you beaut. The minute I stepped on that searing white sand, everything that had been stressing me out washed away. Or burnt away. I happily spent my days under an umbrella with quick dips into the ocean and then back to my book.


Also be sure to hit up Collins for some quick shopping and for the cubanos  and iced coffee at Puerto Sagua, right on the corner of 7th.   Everglades

Want to see actual gators in the wild? Just an hour away lies the Florida National Everglades where vultures, egrets, and snappy turtles roam free. As for the gators? They won’t bite unless you bother them.


Xoxo Miami, you were a much needed (and warm) blast.

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