Roadtripping Down the California Coast 

For some reason I was keen to get out of the Bay and head out on a long, solo trip. I first (and impulsively) booked a trip to Hawaii but canceled in favor of a trip down the California coast. Armed with a car, a bag of clothes, and a killer playlist, I was off.

My first stop was La Selva Beach, an hour and a half south of San Francisco and nestled in the heart of California farmland.  It was hot, sunny, and quiet. Exactly what I was looking for this weekend. For dinner, I stopped at Miyuki Sushi in Watsonville, a farming town a few miles down the road from where I was staying. Open, empty roads meant that I ripped it down the highway after dinner and stared in awe at the pitch black sky speckled with millions of stars. Something that I don’t get at home.
 I also found a pristine beach located through a zig zagging road that led through field after field of farmland and migrant workers. Unfortunately, my car was broken into and I’m now down a wallet, camera, two purses, and my favorite lipgloss. Lesson learned — never leave your valuables in your car!
Next stop was Capitola, a quick trip from where I was staying, but a quaint seaside town too. I found a perfect place to watch a sunset by an abandoned set of train tracks and a beach side neighborhood.  I don’t know why Santa Cruz always gets the prettiest cotton candy hues of sunsets, but they do.

Now missing a wallet and all forms of lying for anything with plastic, I was off on my next leg of my trip. A drive down the CA-1 or famed Pacific Coast Highway all the way to San Luis Obispo.  It was off to Monterey and Pebble Beach for the 17-Mile Drive. As you wind down the Monterey Peninsula, it’s worth stopping at each of the scenic ocean vistas for a glimpse of turquoise blue, swirling water. 

Even though I was down a window and a wallet, I was set on making it down to Big Sur. The winding drive down the CA-1 was literally perfect with the sunny weather and my extremely good road trip playlist.   Big Sur was packed and much less tranquil than I would have liked, but was still gorge. I’d gladly take a quick walk to McWay Falls any day of the week. 

A solo road trip is completely doable – just make sure you have a great playlist, plenty of water, and plenty of sun.


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