Past Repasts

more burgers
Sylvester’s will most likely always be one of my favorite places to get a burger from. I literally dream about getting burgers from here.

cioppino @ cioppinot
The fanciest restaurant that exists in SLO (maybe).In pursuit of oysters on the half shell, we stopped at  Ciopinot and did our best to emulate the oyster/salad/cioppino meal that we had in Washington DC. 

taco asylum with kd
Date night at Taco Asylum. Do not put Ghost Chili sauce on anything, unless you want to die. 

buratta with peach and proscioutto @ Ecco
 For the father’s 51st birthday, mother and I took him to Ecco located at The Camp for a delicious dinner. Tried a new cheese (buratta) with some proscioutto, arugala, and peach. Scrumptious.

organic strawberry and cucumber salad @ Ecco
Organic strawberry, cucumber, pistachio, and goat cheese salad. Also from Ecco.

my cupcakes!
Made by yours truly. Homemade frosting and all. Those are even organic strawberries. 

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