My New Favorite Blush & Thoughts on Byredo

Okay, yes, I know, it’s been a while since I posted about my favorite beauty products (and yes, I know that I have openly expressed my interest in being a beauty blogger, so I don’t have a good track record so far). But I figured the only way to be a good blogger is to only write about what you really love and not just that #sponcon. So here goes, here are the latest and my current greatest beauty product obsessions (and yup—whether I’d buy them again or not!).

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: If I could only wear one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. I mean, it really was the first real makeup product that I started wearing regularly and it was the star of my one-product makeup routine in college (how easy it was back then). Better Than Sex is really…quite good. It holds a curl (my one request), lengthens and thickens. My not-so-favorite part? It smears, so I think I’ll swap for the waterproof version.

Would I purchase again? Yes—but in waterproof 

Eucalyptus Oil: January was not my month. But just in terms of getting a stuffy nose, sore throat or dry cough every other week (and sometimes all at once). The one thing that I looked forward to every night? A steamy shower with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. You’re welcome for this in-home spa tip moment.

Would I purchase again? Yes 

‘Captivating’ blush by Tarte: One fateful night I wandered into Sephora, lost, confused and in need of a new blush. I needed a reinvention. Luckily, I met a man named Derrick who patiently tried multiple blushes on my cheeks and put up with my “mmm, I don’t really like that.”  We landed on this perfect peachy-pink shade that just makes me look healthy.

Would I purchase again? Yes 

‘Don’t Blow It’ Styling Cream: I can do my makeup in 7 minutes flat, but my hair? That’s a whole 30 (minutes). I’m a nighttime shower-er, so this styling creme by Bumble and Bumble is a little bit of a time saver when it comes to making my hair silky and smooth if I’m planning to air dry in the morning or if I have a long night ahead of me.

Would I purchase again? Yes

Inflorescence by Byredo: After a solid year of crushing on Inflorescence, I finally added it to my top shelf. It’s a grown-up floral that’s still light, fresh and fragrant. But, I am a little disappointed in it’s staying power—it wears off after a few hours!

Would I purchase again? No

Conditioner by Kristin Ess: Everyone’s going crazy for Kristin Ess products at Target—they’re literally sold out all the time in the city. I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical for a drugstore brand shampoo with Instagram-hype behind it, but I’m sold. The scent is so good, like a musky floral, but even better? My strands are silky and soft.

Would I purchase again? Yes 

Matte Bronzer by Milk Makeup: I’m not really a stick bronzer type of gal, but after realizing that I can use it as an easy eyeshadow, I was sold on this sample size of matte bronzer by Milk Makeup. It’s a light wash of bronze that’s a little dewy and gives me just a wash of bronze. Bonus points for their full-size packaging, it’s like a giant push-pop.

Would I purchase again? Yes—but in full size! 

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