The Glossier Products Worth Buying

If you really know me, you would know that every other sentence that comes out of my mouth contains “glossier.” But if you don’t know me, you’re probably thinking that you say it like gloss-ee-errr. And if so, we are no longer friends, not even acquaintances. If you happen to live in San Francisco (like me), I have some exciting news for you: Glossier is coming to town. I repeat, Glossier is coming to town and their pop-up is popping up in the Mission at Rhea’s Café.

Glossier Products Worth Buying

To help celebrate, I thought I’d wrap up my favorite Glossier products (for now) so you have the slightest idea of what to buy tomorrow (if you’re local) or what to buy on their website (if you live far, far away).

Here are the Glossier products worth a shot. 

Priming MoisturizerHello, I’d like to introduce you to your new favorite everyday moisturizer. If you’re not moisturizing during the day, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING THEN? Even for combination skin like mine, Priming is light but still feels like enough. The only downside on this guy is that there’s no sunscreen, so wear sunscreen (see below).

Balm Dotcom: “IT’S WINTERTIME,” said pop sensation Cardi B. Apparently my lips got the memo too. Whenever they get a little chapped, I just do a little dab of balm dotcom and everything is smoooooth sailing from there. I prefer the original, unscented version but there’s also rose, mint, cherry, birthday cake and coconut flavors too!

Haloscope in QuartzGlossier basically trademarked dew. Fresh, morning mist had nothing to do with dew with it. If you don’t know what “dew” is, start using Haloscope as your highlighter and you’ll look like you just had a jog through the subtlest of fairy dust that still looks natural and never too much.

Boy BrowWhen I was younger I was so, so foolish. I once thought that my bold, thick brows were a curse, an even bigger sign that life is unfair. But now that I’m old, refined and wise, I now know that bold brows mean you never have to touch an eyebrow pencil ever in your life. I love Boy Brow (a cult-like, nope—a cult) favorite of Glossier virgins and veterans.

Stretch ConcealerAh, Stretch Concealer, my very first concealer. I always thought that concealer was going to heavy and cakey, but Stretch feels anything but. It’s light, blends easily and keeps those deep, dark, dehydrated bags under my eyes under wraps all day.

Body Hero moisturizerThe first time I put on Body Hero, I just thought to myself, “MY BODY FEELS LIKE A DOLPHIN.” So yeah, it’s good. Expect a subtle neroli scent, the teensiest bit of sheen and a pleasantly weighted body lotion that leaves you feeling slippery (hm) and moisturized all day long.

WowderWe are getting to know each other pretty well now—yes, I have combination skin and yes, I get a little shiny even when I’m not sweating and/or nervous. A brush of Wowder and I’m covered for most of the day, but to be honest, it could have a little more staying power. But don’t be afraid to pack this guy in your purse for a to-go moment.

Invisible Shield sunscreenSorry, I have to end on a dark note. We are all aging and we can do nothing about it, except eat our vegetables and wear sunscreen. Another point of honesty, but Invisible Shield isn’t good for an all-day hike to the peak of a mountain, but it is great for everyday wear in a congested city where you may be weaving in and out of tall buildings all day. Plus, it layers over Priming Moisturizer and under Stretch Concealer like a dream.

Found something you might like? Here’s a Glossier referral code for 10% off.

In SF and need directions to Rhea’s Café? Map it below.

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