Favorite Things: March 4th


Who Weekly? Podcast: Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger, NY-based pop culture writers, released their who-lebrity focused podcast and I can’t stop listening. Trying to understand the significance of Blac Chyna and Rob? Need weekly updates on Rita Ora? Look and listen no further. Subscribe here!

Mission Chinese: I never knew how much I loved MSG. Does anyone know where I can buy some? I finally stopped by Mission Chinese (sorry for not waiting for you, mom) and was immediately transferred to my idea of heaven. The juicy and incredibly savory Lung Shan Beef Chow Mein is literally the best thing I’ve eaten all year.

Art by Snoogs and WildeI’ve seen Sarah Martinez’s watercolor work before and had no idea that she was also a talented abstract artist as well. I consistently crush on pastel colors, so when I saw her pastel palettes on Instagram, I was instantly smitten. There’s a spot on my wall that is itching to serve as home to one of her works.

#bonnieeatsfor2: One of my favorite photographers, Bonnie Tsang, has a bun in the oven (congratulations, Bonnie!). As a result, she’s been posting some of her pregnancy meals on Instagram with #bonnieeatsfor2 which I’ve been relentlessly keeping up with even though I’m only eating for one. This photo of an avocado with a dash of hot sauce still makes my mouth water.

My Chiropractor: God bless my Berkeley-based chiropractor with his wonderfully weird energy practices and intense stretches. But, I’ve never felt better.


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