Favorite Things: June 17th

Craftsman and Wolves

Craftsman and WolvesA favorite of my parents (hi, mom & dad!) and a favorite of mine, Craftsman and Wolves just opened up a new location in Nob Hill, which marks their third location in the city. Now they just need to open one up in Laurel Heights and I’ll be all set.

Clement Street Farmers Market: I remember when I was trying to decide on whether to move to the city or not. Want to know what solidified my choice? The Clement Street Farmers Market. Before I moved, I was lovingly visiting the Temescal Farmers Market which was beyond full of every produce imaginables. Turns out, Clement Street is too.

Maison Louie No. 4 CandleI’m usually a fan of floral scents, but as I age, I’m craving muskier and more woodsy scents. Who knew! The sandalwood and cedar scented Maison Louie No. 4 is sure to be my next candle purchase, especially after smelling it gratuitously burn at Steven Alan.

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