Favorite Things: January 8th

  • Snow Monster – This beaut of a dessert is from the OC wunderkind of a dessert chain where you can pick a macaron, a scoop of ice cream, and toppings to make your own freakishly good treat. A Captain Crunch flavored cookie, super-sweet strawberry ice cream, and Fruity Pebbles is the snack my childhood dreams were made of.
  • Us Millennials are Saving Up – Surprise, surprise everyone! Although we’re very good at social media, switching jobs, and swiping left and right, we’re also very good at saving! I’ve been on the saving train since college and the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten was, “You must pay yourself before anyone else.” That sounds pretty good to me.

  • Cuerda Cabinet – I saw this boxing-ring inspired cabinet on Design Milk the other day and I’m in love. Now that I’m pining for a vinyl player,this would be the perfect station for my future set-up.

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