Favorite Things: January 1st

Happy 2016 everyone! Here’s to the next two weeks where we’ll write 2015, then immediately trace a 6 to replace the wrong digit. I’m so excited for 2016 (isn’t everyone?), because I really feel like it’s going to be a good one. Here’s to a year of downs, ups, mediocre’s and more time with my family, friends, and all of the beautiful sights life so lovingly offers. 

Today’s favorite things is ever so vainly wrapping up everything I’m really proud to have accomplished in 2015, with some of my most favorite visual memories from the past year. 

1. Depending on me, myself, and I – when I first moved up to the Bay, I came up with the attitude of “HELLLOOO GOOGLE BOYFRIEND I’M GOING TO FIND YOU.” Did that happen? Nope. But you know who I did do a better job of spending time with? Myself. This year, I really learned that the only person you want to have to depend on and the best person you can invest time with is yourself. 

2. Acknowledging what I’m good at…and what I’m not good at – This year I learned that I’ll never be an endurance runner or an ultimate frisbee player. But you know what I am good at? Cooking chicken adobo, writing, making killer playlists, driving in a big city, typing really fast, spelling and more. 2015 was the year where I got to try new things, get frustrated that I wasn’t immediately good at something, realize that not everything I do will be just the way I want it to be, and some things will and will not come naturally. Overall, practice and working hard at something you’re excited to do will result in something much closer to your idea of perfection. 


3. Getting closer to family – 2015 was the year where my most favorite people to spend time with was my family. Laughing, crying, and adventuring with them this year produced by far, my best memories this year. 

4. Reading more books – It’s been a long time since I’ve read for pleasure, but last year I got back into turning page after page of novels, autobiographies, magazines, and newspapers. I missed that distinct smell of books and that feeling of coming up for a gasp of air after surfacing from a really good read. 

5. Committing to commitments – I think I got better at sticking to my word this year. Even though someone may be hosting something more interesting, I learned that it’s more important to show up and be present than lament the unproven fact that you could have had more fun elsewhere. 

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6. Traveling to new places – I was lucky enough to travel to a few new places this year and it’s definitely something that I’d like to do more of in 2016. Ticked off Chicago, Miami, and a quarter of the California coast off of my list. 

7. Volunteering my time – I finally achieved my dream (YES, that was a dream of mine) of volunteering at an animal shelter. Instead of looking forward to hitting up bars on the weekend, now I look forward to spending a few hours with dogs that want nothing but a little bit of love and treats. 

Some things I’d like to do better in 2016? Be more patient with people and take more time to get to know someone (friendships aren’t forged in a day), take it easy on myself, keep spending as much time with family as I can, trust my gut, and keep on doing the things that make me smile. 

Thanks for tagging along in 2015!

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