Favorite Things: February 26th

Scallops from Swan Oyster Depot

Treating yo’ self: Since the introduction of the Treat. Yo. Self. motto from Parks and Recreation, I have been in full support of it. Everyone deserves a nice meal and a few good drinks every once in a while. Take it one step further and schedule these days for yourself, just like I did last week for a lunch date at San Francisco’s Swan Oyster Depot.

Love by Judd Apatow: At first I was really hesitant to watch Netflix’s latest original series out of the ew/ugh-inducing title. But I’m glad I caved. Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust are incredibly hilarious in this “modern rom-com.” I’m definitely going to be incorporating “little weirdo” into my vernacular as a result.

Bowls by Jessica Niello: I’ve been a fan of Jessica Niello since I first saw her blue and white polka dot bowls at the Ramen Shop. Since then, she’s gotten married to one of the restaurant’s owners (they were already dating) and still continues to slay with her original paintings and ceramics. Her latest set lip-adorned bowls are making me swoon.

Evernote: I’m surprised that Evernote hasn’t made an appearance before this. In a nutshell, my life is packed into various notes in Evernote. If there was one app that I wouldn’t be able to survive without, it’d be Evernote. Too bad they’re sort of tanking.

Mikoh’s 2016 Aloha Collection: It’s been heating up in the Bay and making me crave a warm, tropical vacation. For my next trip, I’d like to jump into a crystal clear ocean with one of Mikoh’s newest suits from their 2016 Aloha Collection. The Capri top and the Corsica dress would make the perfect beach combo.

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