Favorite Things, August 12th

Trick Dog, San Francisco

Another cold week in SF where I questioned why I live here instead of warm, sunny LA where everyone is at least two feet taller than me and 15 shades more tan than I will ever be. Honestly, I’m starting to get a little peeved with San Francisco and, wait for it, miss the East Bay. While I get ready for work and put on a sweater and at least one jacket, here are my fave things from the week:

  • Want to know the best bar in San Francisco? Head to the unmarked Trick Dog in that weird and wonderful border between the Mission and Portrero and get ready to have the best cocktails in the city. Romanism & Rebellion (it’s button pictured above) has avocado purée and coconut whipped cream
  • These Bitch, plz shirts. This 2016 presidential race is all sorts of crazy and “is this real life?”, but out of all of it, #ImWithHer. Best campaign shirt so far? See the start of this sentence. These Industry Standard embroidered jeans are pretty cool too.
  • My wedgie fit Levi’s are my favorite pair now. Their high-rise, button-front makes me feel so tucked in throughout the day, but also very ’70s. I can dig it and definitely get on board with multiple pairs.
  • Frank Ocean’s album. Just kidding, it still hasn’t come out.

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