Favorite Things: April 22nd

Food halls: My romance with food halls has been ever so slightly documented in previous posts, and I recently had the chance to spend some extended eating time in Oakland’s Swan’s Market. Don’t miss the tacos from Cosecha, fresh oysters from The Cook and Her Farmer, and sausages from Rosamunde Sausage Grill.

Linen duvets: Doing a slight redecoration to my bedroom which started with a new mattress… and that’s it. To adorn my new bed, I’m ready to make the transition to a colored linen duvet instead of my classic, white cotton one. There are three stores that are doing a great job with linen sets: Target, West Elm and Parachute Home.

Stay at Home ClubAfter seeing a girl in a cafe with a Stay at Home Club tote bag, I immediately turned to Twitter to learn how I could be her BFF. Turns out, Stay at Home Club is a club that never meets up. Instead, the club makes really cool shirts, sweatshirts, and yes, tote bags with designs from their contributing artists.

Grilled steak: Okay, no surprises here but my elimination diet has petered out. I’m still sticking with smoothies and eating more whole foods, but fried chicken is just so hard to say no to. Grilled steak, like this Dry Rub Flank Steak has been satisfying all cravings and I’ve managed to cook up some yummy variations (so stay tuned!).

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