Favorite Things: April 15th


Wow, the middle of the month already! It was almost as if just yesterday brands were creating ridiculous April Fools jokes, like this one from H&M. Ugh, but they really did get me on that one. But I’m finally over the April Foolery, and getting ready for the warmer summer months (and weekend here in the Bay) ahead! Here are my favorite things that I crushed on this week:

Fieldwork Brewing Co.: Weeks ago I had their¬†White Mocha Golden Stout which tasted like a Starbucks drink mixed with a deliciously smooth beer. It was better than anything Starbucks serves up. Even though I always say, “I’m NOT a stout girl,” this made me seriously rethink that proclamation.

Esqueleto: You should know me by now — lover of delicate jewels + small, independent makers. The Temescal Alley and LA-based jewelry store does a dreamy job of bringing a ton of these jewelers into one store. I picked up a bracelet from Scosha that I don’t plan on taking off for a long, long time.

Why younger women aren’t supporting Hillary (but I am): Leave it to the Washington Post to succinctly summarize why younger women aren’t supporting HRC as much as Bernie – it’s because life experiences are influencing who votes go to.

Strolling down Solano Avenue: Solano Ave. is a cute pocket of a neighborhood that straddles the border of Berkeley and Albany. A stroll down this streets makes you feel like you’ve stepped back into the sixties with the swoopy signage and teeny, family owned businesses. I freaked out when I saw the (pictured) Flowerland nursery with their Highwire Coffee trailer and a huge¬†selection of green goods.


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