Fall Beauty Essentials

Fall Beauty Essentials

Spring sprang, summer came and went (barely) and fall’s about to set in. But true to San Francisco, it’s about to get hot and I’m not mad about it. As we all head into a new season, I’m diving into some new beauty products that will beat the Indian summer that SF’s about to get and save my skin before winter comes. Here are my fall beauty essentials that I added to my (literal) beauty shelf:

Sunday Riley UFO

U.F.O. Face Oil by Sunday Riley: My skin has been forgetting that it’s nearly quarter of a century old and is instead, acting like a pre-teen. U.F.O. is using it’s salicylic acid powers mixed with all sorts of natural ingredients to clear up my sensitive, combination skin.

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz: I never thought that I would rely on highlighter as part of my makeup routine. However, after leaving my Haloscope at a pal’s house for over a month, I really missed that glowing/subtle glitter bomb look that it lends.

Body Oil by Four Birds Beauty: During a weekend visit to Neeko, Ash introduced me to Philly-based Four Birds Beauty and this moisturizing body oil. I’ve always been adverse to anything oily, but this soaks right in (and quickly too) and makes my skin suuuuper soft.

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Mega Greens Detoxifying Face Mask by Glossier: Alright, I swear Glossier isn’t paying me to write anything. Mega Greens sucks everything out without making my face feel like it’s being pulled in a million directions.

Makana Candle in Tea Leaf: It’s a 100% gurantee that I’m burning a Makana candle nearly every night. Each time I pay a visit home to the OC, I have to stop at Whole Foods to pick up some more. My suitcase always smells real nice when I get back to SF.

Sephora Cleansing Water

Triple Action Cleansing Water by Sephora: Micellar water is all the rage now and is a serious heavy-lifter when it comes to removing eye makeup. I prefer this to any other oil-based eye makeup remover since it makes my eyes feel squeky clean instead of drenched in mascara residue and oil.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Mask: My ideal Friday night consists of a glass of wine, a watchable movie and a face mask. Lately, it’s been this organic skin-peel-meet-clarifying-mask by Alba Botanica.

Stila Waterproof Eyeliner

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner: I don’t know how to put this any other way, but I have oily eyelids. There hasn’t been an eyeliner that’s managed to stay put, until now. Who knew that my favorite lip gloss brand as a little babe would be my favorite eyeliner brand as a big babe?

Stay tuned for the winter beauty roundup in a couple of months!

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