Day Tripping to Tomales Bay, CA

While 1/2 of the city was partying at Outside Lands 2015, I took the opportunity to plan a weekend trip outside, in the lands of the San Francisco Bay. Tomales Bay is a 7 mile long stretch of water that sits between a thin peninsula and the northern part of the East Bay. Famous for oyster farms including Hog Island Oyster Co. and the former Drake’s Bay Oyster Co., you can say that it’s the oyster capital of California.

Even though it’s just an hour and a half north of the city, it feels like a completely different world and a hugely refreshing escape from the crowds and traffic. Here’s what I would do if I had to do it all over again. 

Take the time to walk along the bay for a while. If the weather had been a little bit nicer we would have gotten a pair of kayaks and paddled out in the bay to take in the salty air even more.

Since Tomales Bay is speckled with teeny towns with populations ranging from 50 to 200, it’s a takes a bit of driving along the CA 1 to town hop. But along the way you’ll be able to catch some great views of rolling hills, fluffy cows, and wild raspberries.

After dining at the Hog Island Oyster Co. outpost in the Ferry Building I couldn’t wait to head to Tomales to indulge in oyters that were harvested just steps away from the table. A new meaning to Farm to Table cuisine. We discovered a little line outside of the Hog Island boat (just an old boat turned shack) but the wait was quick. We even discovered that you can bring your own drinks, snacks, and meal accessories to accompany your freshly shucked oysters.

To cap off the day we booked an hour of horseback riding through the hills to get the last bit of sweeping bay views in. Susan, our instructor, was this wonderful and kind British woman with a great wit. When a few turkey vultures flew overhead she suggested, “Look alive, everyone!”.

A day was all I needed to feel like the reset button had been set. I guess it only takes a drive, some ocean views, and good food to feel refreshed.

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