Cute Shop: The Sawtooth Building in Berkeley, CA

The Bay Area is filled with people who make things. From the 2 billion lines of code written at Google to the bowls that those billionaire founders have in their kitchens, things get made up here.

So where do these artisans shack up?


In Berkeley, it’s The Sawtooth Building in the most Westerly part of the city. Just a block away from The Rare Barrel and a couple blocks from the waterfront. With over 30 studios, it’s a hub for handcrafted wares and a perfect escape from Market Street and Union Square in San Francisco.

This past weekend was an open studio for the forty-plus makers that spend their time designing, building, and crafting those goods that they are so passionate about. Every time I get to have a conversation with them, I feel so renewed and revitalized to go and make something, and go after all the things that I want — just like they do.

Sarah Kersten Studio 

Ever since stumbling upon Kersten’s work on Instagram (honestly, where else these days?) I’ve been meaning to stop by her studio. I was even more excited to find out that she was also nestled in Berkeley, a seemingly rare location for artists these days as my favorites tend to be in the city or in the North Bay. After growing up on a farm, the self-taught Kersten relocated to the Bay Area six years ago and has been crafting her ceramics ever since. Her wares are made to serve a meaningful purpose, whether it’s to ferment food so that no produce goes to waste, or as a ceramic vessel to replace tupperware (which is a mantra I can get on board with).

Kersten may be launching a dinnerware next year, so stay tuned!



Kersten’s work can be found at her site

Rae Dunn 

If you’ve been in any small store in the Bay Area, it’s highly likely you’ve encountered a Rae Dunn piece. Dunn sticks with simple, glazed white pieces with sweet and smile-inducing phrases written in her spiny print. I first found out about her after reading about Wilma’s World, a picture book about Dunn’s dog, Wilma — the perfect muse.



Dunn’s work can be purchased at her Etsy shop

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