Curried Turkey Salad Sandwiches

Picture this: it’s the day after Thanksgiving, you’ve just rolled out of bed in your pajamas, plodded into your kitchen, opened the fridge and laid eyes on 5 Ziploc bags full of leftover turkey. You, as a normal person whose synapses lead you to appropriate memories, probably thought: “Oh yeah, let’s have a turkey sandwich later.” My monkey mind instantly went to my childhood BFF Elizabeth’s (hey girl, how’s it going?!) 7th birthday party that was held at her parent’s bookstore aka where I spent approximately 13% of my childhood. A castle/princess/medieval/choose-your-own princess mural was painted on the wall, but all I can remember from that party are the life-changing tea sandwiches that were stacked on a cake platter. First of all, the crusts. were. already. cut. off. Second of all, I could pop like 4 different types of sandwiches onto my plate for my own personal buffet of tea sandwiches. Third of all, I have not been able to get said tea sandwiches out of my head for 20 years. So to answer the question of “what should I do with these Thanksgiving leftovers?” here’s what I’ll be doing.

Curried turkey salad recipe

Curried Turkey Salad Tea Sandwiches 

Makes 4 normal-sized sandwiches
Makes 16 tea sandwiches fit for small hands

1 cup leftover turkey, diced (I went with light meat)
2 tbsp. curry powder
¾ cup tart apple, diced (I am a Fuji apple girl for life)
¼ cup mayonnaise
½ red onion, diced
1 tsp. Kosher salt
1 tsp. cracked black pepper
8 slices of bread
Olive oil

This recipe is way too simple to make but is super flavorful with the peppery red onions, savory leftover turkey and if you’re using good bread—golden, flaky toast.

Curried turkey salad recipe

1. Mix all of your dry and wet ingredients into a bowl and stir together, tasting as you go. If you want more acidity, add the juice of half a lemon, more sweetness, just add a teaspoon of quality honey.

2. Take your bread and brush it with olive oil on one side and toast your bread on both sides until slightly golden and just barely crispy.

3. Add in a heaping spoonful (like ice cream scooper amount) to a slice of bread, then cut the crusts off (tea sandwiches need no crusts!) and then the sandwich into quarters. Enjoy!

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