The Piece: Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans

Never thought I’d say it, but I’m a big fan of wedgies. Wedgie fit jeans, that is. A distinct memory of my childhood was yelling, “NOOOOO, don’t give me a wedgie!” while my friends chased me around. Now that I think about it, my friends were jerks. No, these jeans don’t give you a wedgie, they just lend a special lift to your rear and somehow mold perfectly to your shape over time. These high rise, button fly, and no-stretch jeans are just too easy to wear with everything—this is how I’m wearing my Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans.

For Date Night

Levi's Wedgie Fit Jean Outfits

Okay fine, we all know that no straight man in this city wants to date me, but if they ever change their mind this is what I would wear—my Tom Petty tee (to show them how good my taste in music is), my favorite hoop earrings (they are my confidence-boosting jewels), block heels (if I need to run away) and my Wedgie fits (because apparently butts are trending?).

For Work

Levi's Wedgie Fit Jean Outfits

It’s business time. Gotta layer up with a blazer, a turtleneck and my favorite mom jeans Wedgie fit jeans. The frayed hem makes it easy (and fun) to pair them with ankle boots that are a color just a little bit out of the ordinary—like grey! Or leopard (I own both).

For A Night Out

Levi's Wedgie Fit Jean Outfits

These older bones do not go to the club anymore unless said bones have had too much wine and think they are invincible. Anyways, I’m going denim on denim with an oversized denim jacket and a cheeky graphic tee. The trick to wearing denim on denim? Go for two different shades of blue (or black), to avoid looking like you’re wearing a denim suit from head to toe.

 For the Weekend

Levi's Wedgie Fit Jean Outfits

My favorite 48 hours of the week calls for my favorite staples in my closet at the moment: a hoodie, white sneakers, and my mini tassel bag from Cuyana. An easy, four-piece outfit that can never go wrong.

My New Favorite Blush & Thoughts on Byredo

Okay, yes, I know, it’s been a while since I posted about my favorite beauty products (and yes, I know that I have openly expressed my interest in being a beauty blogger, so I don’t have a good track record so far). But I figured the only way to be a good blogger is to only write about what you really love and not just that #sponcon. So here goes, here are the latest and my current greatest beauty product obsessions (and yup—whether I’d buy them again or not!).

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: If I could only wear one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. I mean, it really was the first real makeup product that I started wearing regularly and it was the star of my one-product makeup routine in college (how easy it was back then). Better Than Sex is really…quite good. It holds a curl (my one request), lengthens and thickens. My not-so-favorite part? It smears, so I think I’ll swap for the waterproof version.

Would I purchase again? Yes—but in waterproof 

Eucalyptus Oil: January was not my month. But just in terms of getting a stuffy nose, sore throat or dry cough every other week (and sometimes all at once). The one thing that I looked forward to every night? A steamy shower with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. You’re welcome for this in-home spa tip moment.

Would I purchase again? Yes 

‘Captivating’ blush by Tarte: One fateful night I wandered into Sephora, lost, confused and in need of a new blush. I needed a reinvention. Luckily, I met a man named Derrick who patiently tried multiple blushes on my cheeks and put up with my “mmm, I don’t really like that.”  We landed on this perfect peachy-pink shade that just makes me look healthy.

Would I purchase again? Yes 

‘Don’t Blow It’ Styling Cream: I can do my makeup in 7 minutes flat, but my hair? That’s a whole 30 (minutes). I’m a nighttime shower-er, so this styling creme by Bumble and Bumble is a little bit of a time saver when it comes to making my hair silky and smooth if I’m planning to air dry in the morning or if I have a long night ahead of me.

Would I purchase again? Yes

Inflorescence by Byredo: After a solid year of crushing on Inflorescence, I finally added it to my top shelf. It’s a grown-up floral that’s still light, fresh and fragrant. But, I am a little disappointed in it’s staying power—it wears off after a few hours!

Would I purchase again? No

Conditioner by Kristin Ess: Everyone’s going crazy for Kristin Ess products at Target—they’re literally sold out all the time in the city. I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical for a drugstore brand shampoo with Instagram-hype behind it, but I’m sold. The scent is so good, like a musky floral, but even better? My strands are silky and soft.

Would I purchase again? Yes 

Matte Bronzer by Milk Makeup: I’m not really a stick bronzer type of gal, but after realizing that I can use it as an easy eyeshadow, I was sold on this sample size of matte bronzer by Milk Makeup. It’s a light wash of bronze that’s a little dewy and gives me just a wash of bronze. Bonus points for their full-size packaging, it’s like a giant push-pop.

Would I purchase again? Yes—but in full size! 

Wednesday Wants: Sand & Tan Summer Sandals

Brown sandals for summer

Summer’s making it’s official debut in less than a month, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the temps will start to drop in San Francisco. But no matter where I am, tan, block heeled sandals are my go-to for high summer dressing. They just go with everything—whether it’s my most unflattering pair of Levi’s and a white tee or my favorite striped dress. But there’s a new kid on the shoe block, the sand sandal to brighten up (and modernize) all the summer outfits you could dream up. Keep reading to see my favorite sand and tan sandals from Nordstrom, then click to get your hands on a pair!

Sand sandals for summer: 

  • “Carmela” sandals by Rebecca Minkoff:  Super strappy without being too declassé. These will pair perfectly with that imaginary golden tan and white dress combo that I can never achieve summer after summer.
  • “Franine” mules by Vince Camuto: Mules are the *it* shoe of 2017, but I just can’t seem to get on board (I think they make me look shorter). I think a strappier pair that shows a little more skin just might do the trick.
  • “Christy” sandals by Rebecca Minkoff: I’ve had a crush on these since last summer and there’s no sign of that slowing down. Just grown-up enough to make a T-shirt and jeans work at the office.

Tan sandals for summer:

Shop these picks and more below!


The Piece: Spring Faves from Tobi 

I could honestly online shop until I drop. Sure, I miss running my hands through items on a hanger, but I would gladly skip the small talk with store clerks any day of the week. Four score and a few days ago (literally it was back in college), a friend introduced me to before an ill fated trip to Vegas (will never share deets on that), where I found Vegas-ready dresses in a pinch. Fast-forward to years later and they’re my new go-to for spring pieces that are a little bit edgy, fairly feminine and totally wearable.

Keep scrolling to see how I’ll be wearing spring pieces from

For Work

You really can wear lace to work—in the form of lace-ups that is. A lace up tee is a new twist on an old classic that’s just fun enough to keep a classic outfit fresh. I’ll be pairing this Tobi tee with my favorite skinny jeans, lace-up sandals from Rebecca Minkoff (these sold out, but latest ones are here) and a vest to keep things a little more buttoned-up.

For Nights Out

Who am I kidding, I can’t go out more than once a month! But if there’s a daytime occasion to have a little fun coming up, you can count me in. For post-work occasions, I’ll take the Erma tee for a spin with a flouncy miniskirt, a cargo-meets-jean jacket from Anthropologie and my most-trusted ankle booties that I can last all day long in.

For Date Night

I hope you know that I can’t last an entire post without complaining about the weather in SF. For evening date nights, layering is key. So while I’ll still rock a spring-ready dress, I’ll layer it under a turtleneck that lasted me from fall to winter, and now into spring. I’ve been rocking the 1.State sneakers almost daily, so of course there’s no taking those out of rotation either.

For Weekends

Weekends are made for easy outfits and for trying things that I wouldn’t normally wear Monday to Friday. I’d like to pretend that I’m totally comfortable with anything off the shoulder (because they’re all the rage now, right?), but most of the time I find myself tugging at the top of the sleeves to keep it actually off the shoulder. Weekends are perfect for all that tugging activity, so I’ll be rocking a chambray (my fave fabric!) off the shoulder dress with a handkerchief tied around the neck for the ultimate in casual, laidback weekend dressing.

The Piece: Madewell Side-Slit Skirt

Side-slit skirt. Now say that five times fast. I’ve been on the hunt for a work to weekend-appropriate skirt that hit every check box on my list. What was on my list? Versatility, the perfect amount of leg baringness, and a streamlined (but not tight) silhouette. I think I met my match with Madewell’s side-slit skirt.

Introducing a brand new series on the blog: The Piece, wherein I take my favorite piece from the month and show you how I’ll be wearing it on repeat for the most repetitive occasions in my life: work, the occasional date, a night out and finally (the best), the weekend.

Want to see how I’ll be wearing this month’s piece? Keep scrolling.

For The Workday

The Piece: Madewell Side Slit Skirt

When it comes to personal style, I like to keep it simple. The boldest thing you’ll ever see me where is a bright(er) color and maybe a floral print or wise stripes. So when it comes to work, muted hues, slouchy silhouettes, and less-revealing pieces are my go-to. Chambray and stripes are my #powercouple, while ankle booties are just my shoe spirit animal.

For Date Night

The Piece: Madewell Side Slit Skirt

My perfect free drink date night outfit? Casual, comfortable and just a little coy. During the winter my go-to meet for drinks outfit was a  chunky knit sweater and distressed jeans (so I could show off just a little skin), but springtime means patio drinks (weather permitting), a unexpected side-slit and block-heel sandals.

For A Night Out

The Piece: Madewell Side Slit Skirt

I don’t go out that often, but when I DO, the day of I always have a mini-meltdown trying to figure out what to wear. Wardrobe meltdowns are made harder when you’re trying to find something slinky to wear, but instead see the turtlenecks you own for each day of the week. But I’m excited to swap in a midi for skinny jeans for those very rare 2 a.m. nights.

For The Weekend

The Piece: Madewell Side Slit Skirt

Lately San Francisco weekends haven’t been the warmest, even though spring has officially sprung. But for that one hour where the sun might be out and the wind is hiding, I will happily slide into sandals and a straw hat. But I’ve learned that you should always carry a jacket in this city, so utility jackets are key (plus they have plenty of pockets).

Now shop the pieces shown here!

Wednesday Wants: J. Crew Spring Arrivals & Farewell Jenna Lyons

Wednesday Wants J Crew

Have you heard the news? Jenna Lyons is leaving J. Crew after 26 years. I am sad. Not like, “I must frame all of my favorite J. Crew pieces in a glass case so I can sell them on eBay one day,” but rather, I’m slightly excited for what’s to come. Let’s be real—J. Lyons set the standard for what all of us could expect from J. Crew. I acutely remember when I was 10 and browsing through their catalog, mentally picking out my favorite shade from their candy-colored collection of cashmere sweaters, thinking to myself, “I can’t wait until I’m older so I can buy one.” I’m probably disappointing my 10-year-old self by instead buying a cargo jacket that I’ll wear until it fades and toothpick jeans (which are the perfect median between skinny and straight).

I’m going to miss that classic (to me) that Jenna brought to the brand, from pairing tulle skirts with a chambray shirt to normalizing fuschia pink as a completely acceptable color to wear to the office, she really did wonders on J. Crew. Plus, let’s not forget the multiple times that Michelle Obama wore J. Crew. Talk about America’s brand.

Here are my current favorites from J. Crew’s spring collection: 

1. Cold-shoulder top: I’ve been told that my rosy-pink/translucent skin tone really pops in poppy red. Plus, cold-shoulder tops are trending for spring.

2. Slim boyfriend jeans: Get you a new pair of light wash jeans this spring. A loose, but flattering fit like a boyfriend jean might even extend into fall.

3. Galaxy hoop earrings: Hoop earrings are my new spirit animal and I’m ready to step up my hoop game with a more avant-garde pair.

4. Lace-up popover top: I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing if people start to think of you when they see a striped shirt. I’m going to go with the notion that it’s a good thing, so I want to lace-up and go in this popover top.

5. Ruffle hem midi-dress: The minute I saw the red floral dress I was all *drool emoji*. Knowing my predictable dressing habits, I would probably wear this with tan heels and my favorite cargo jacket.

6. Seer-sucker jumpsuit: I’m a sucker for stripes  and jumpsuits (and really anything I can wear a straw fedora with).

7. Signet bag in calf hair: I just want to live a pressure-free life and head out the door in a t-shirt, jeans and a bold bag.

8. Lace-up suede sandals: See what I said about tan sandals? It’ll never end.

Wednesday Wants: White Sneakers 

What’s the one wardrobe staple that I can’t live without? Aside from a fresh pair of undies, it’s always a white sneaker. From my first pair of white Converse in college to my newest pair of Allbirds (which are perfect for traveling), they’re top dog in my shoe closet. Yes, white sneakers do get dirty pretty quickly, but most of my favorites can be thrown straight into the washer with a little bit of OxiClean and a healthy does of air-dry time. Whether I’m “dressing them up” with a floral blouse for work or dressing down with a sweater for the weekends, here are my favorite white sneakers.

1. Superga Cotu Classic: Fine Italian sandals for a not-so-Italian price. Supergra’s are perfect for running those weekend errands. They’re solid and sturdy, just like a long line at the grocery store on a Sunday night.

2. Puma Basket Sneakers: Now that’s what I call a comeback. Puma fell off of my personal radar, but they’re back! These basket sneakers have been making their rounds with bigger laces that look a lot more ladylike.

3. Allbirds: Sneakers made from wool? Yup, and they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I sprung for these for my trip to Oaxaca (more on that later), and they were the first pair of sneakers to keep my feet happy even after a long day of playing turista. Want to wash them? Just take out the inner sole and throw them in the wash!

4. Kenneth Cole ‘Kam’Fancify your feet with these puppies from Kenneth Cole. Gigi and Kendall have worn these babies, so why haven’t you gotten a pair yet? Even if you march to the beat of your own fashion drum, these sneaks are a fine alternative to flats from 9 to 5.

5/6. Vans ‘Old Skool’My pre-teen pipe dreams are still alive and well. Even though I’m not into sk8r bois named Kevin anymore, I still love my Vans.