Wednesday Wants: Embroidered Clothing

Wednesday Wants: Embroidered Clothes
It’s time to get my stitch on. On a scale of 1-10 of craftiness, I’d safely same that I’m at a 4. I know how to use a hot glue gun (and skillfully), but I never had the patience for anything that required yarn or thread. Everyone’s pulled out their needle and thread for spring’s biggest trend—embroidery from head to toe. Here are my favorite picks for this stitched (and seriously pretty) trend, from top left to bottom right. 

  • Sam Edelman clutch: I. Love. Clutches. Apply your best Oprah voice when you say that in your head—because that’s exactly how I feel. I’m fully prepared to have orinthologists fawn over this bag. 
  • Madewell embroidered jeans: I can’t keep orchids alive, but at least I can wear them, with no water or sunlight required. I’m fully supportive of a denim-on-denim look with these jeans. 
  • ‘La vie’ military jacket by Rebecca Taylor: if you see me regularly, you know that there’s a 75% chance that I’ll be wearing a cargo jacket. A sweet, floral accent seems like the perfect spring update for this personal staple. 
  • Topshop skinny jeans: I need a new night-out rotation. Im digging the thought of embroidered skinny jeans and a black cold shoulder top, especially as warmer weather starts to really sit in. 
  • Gap button-up: No one can go wrong with a blue button-up. I’d dress this one down with boyfriend jeans and flat slip-ons. 
  • Guitar strap by Rebecca Minkoff: I don’t know how to “shred” anything other than old checks, but I will wear this as a bag strap. 
  • Zara embroidered jeans: These babies are sold out already, but tune keep tuning into Zara to check back for more. 
  • ‘Reena’sandals by Topshop: Kill two trends with one shoe. Lace yourself up in these embroidered sandals, then head out the door. 

Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter is coming. Kidding, it’s totally here. The other day I put on a puffer coat just to move my car, so for a born & bred California girl it’s safe to say that anything less than 50 degrees is freezing. I might be eating my words in a week, but I’m lucky enough that my skin doesn’t suffer from any dry spots once the temperatures drop. So let’s dive into my favorite essentials from this winter.

  • belif Cleansing Gel Oil Enriched: After reading review after review of gel cleansers (and trying out Milky Jelly by Glossier), I hopped on the gel cleanser train. I’m all aboard now, since this one takes out every last drop of makeup, especially when you cleanse a dry face at the end of a long day.
  • Living Proof Dry Shampoo: I’ve also been skipping washes throughout the week (only every other day, okay!) since it’s way easier to curl my hair on a skip day. I can’t say I love this dry shampoo, but it does the job. I’m still looking for “the one” though.
  • Rose balm dotcom: I’ve already counted the ways that I love balm dotcom, so I’ll spare you. This winter, I’m reaching for this lightly tinted balm with the same all-day moisture.

Winter Beauty Essentials

  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream: This bb creamI’m a slather on and go type of gal. I have no patience for blending and disdain anything that feels like a layer of vaseline on my face. sinks right in and covers up those imperfections from any late night or too many pizza slices.

Winter Beauty Essentials

  • Moisturizing Moon Mask by Glossier: This one’s lightMaybe the trick to banishing any dry spots is a serious relationship with any and all face masks. , but doesn’t skimp on the moisture. Plus, I’ve read that you can sleep with it on. Now that’s a two-in-one mask.
  • Harry’s razor: Winter might not be the most optimal time for silky smooth legs. But when you discover Harry’s razors (now sold at Target too!), it’s hard to not shave even if your legs aren’t catching the faintest glimpse of the sun.

Winter Beauty Essentials

  • Replenishing Gel Cream by REN: Even if my skin’s not having a meltdown, I like to give it a bit of upkeep when it comes to preventing blemishes. I’ve been using this daily, underneath my moisturizer, to keep it 100%.
  • Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner by Marc Jacobs: Branded as a gel pot eyeliner in a crayon, this is my one-way ticket to a quick and easy lined eye. I like to put it on before a big night, that way the smudges look more semi-smoky rather that unintentional by the night’s end.

The Under Hundred Gift Guide

Happy holidays! Are you #stressing about getting gifts for all your big loves this holiday? Don’t worry, I am too. I am what they call a “visual learner” so I had to assemble a visual list to get all my gift-giving essentials in one place this year. Here are all my picks, all of which are clocking in at under one hundred dollar bills.

Here’s the Oh Wonderful gift guide for 2016: 

Under $100 Gift Guide 2016

What to Get Your Boo

If he needs a wardrobe refresh, opt for a pocket tee by Everlane where everything’s made in full transparency. If he’s into cooking (and you’re into eating), invest in his (or her) culinary future and your future meals by getting them a long-lasting cast iron Lodge pan. Help him keep his finances in line with a leather wallet from Tanner goods and keep him active with wool sneakers from All Birds.

What to Get Your Parents 

Out-gift your parental units this year and recap your favorite memory of the year with a photo printed from Parabo Press. Help them wake up with a gift box of coffee from San Francisco-based, Blue Bottle coffee. Help them serve themselves or their future guests with a bowl from Heath served straight from a cast iron pot from Le Creuset.

What to Get Your Best Friend

Help your gal pal keep her lips super soft with Glossier’s Balm Dotcom (you know I love it too), then help her keep her hands soft with Byredo hand lotion. Tell her and everyone else how dope she is with a charm necklace from Kris Nations. Have her gather all of her essentials into a leather travel pouch from Cuyana.

Wednesday Wants: A Cool, Grey City Wardrobe


I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who look impeccably dressed no matter where they are—whether it’s the grocery store at 3 p.m. or the coffee shop at 7 a.m. Instead, I’m that girl who spends 40 minutes to achieve that dewy look and curls my hair so that it looks like I didn’t brush it. I think that the secret to those ladies is that they often know their color palette and they stick to it. Maybe Karl the Fog is influencing me or maybe it’s because I like it’s versatility, but I think grey might be my go-to color this season. Here are my favorite cool grey pieces to wear in this cool, grey city, clockwise from top left.

The Oh Wonderful picks for an all-grey wardrobe: 

Rivington Sweater Coat by Madewell: Hurry up, this sweater is selling out fast! This jacket will be a long duster coat on my 5’1 frame, but I’m excited to pair it with my favorite jeans and mini dresses this season.

Cluse ‘La Boheme’ Watch: You can’t ever go wrong with a classic timepiece. Trends come and go, just like the time. Not sure what I was trying to do there.

Vans Pig Suede Court DX sneakers: I need to get lace-up low tops this season and you can bet that I’ll look for a suede pair. These grey ones by Vans will go with anything.

Eugenia Kim Fedora: I’ve been a fan of Eugenia Kim and her toppers for a while and each season she gets better and better. It’s a #goal to own one of her hats—so why not start with a grey fedora?

Sole Society ‘Selena’ Backpack: As the temperatures drop, I’ll probably want to keep my hands warm and cozy in my pockets. A backpack to store all of my essentials will keep me hands-free as I head to work.

Wool Coat by Mango: If it starts to get really cold, I’ll layer on a grey wool coat over one of my favorite moto jackets. It doesn’t hurt to double the warmth, right?

Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005 in Silver Metallic: The famed and headband wearing makeup-artist, Pat McGrath has unleashed her fabulous collection at Sephora. I’m crushing on the sliver metallic set, after all, I do have a cool skin tone.

Grey Turtleneck by J. Crew: Jeans, ankle boots and a grey turtleneck have been my outfit of choice as of late. I only expect to add a couple more grey turtlenecks by the end of the year.

‘Taye’ Boots by Sam Edelman: I’m all about versatility when it comes to getting dressed, from my hair to my boots. I like a boot that I can dress up with a shimmery mini dress or dress down with distressed jeans and a tee. These fit the bill perfectly.

Wednesday Wants: Fall Outerwear

Fall Outwear

Fall is here, fall is here, fall is heeeeereeeee (Oprah voice)! As I was getting dressed this morning in my dark as night black jeans, shapeless turtleneck and new over-the-knee/Kanye inspired boots, I no longer felt the weirdly emotional dilemma I had wearing a coat in the middle of July. To ring in the appropriately cold season, I rounded up my fall outerwear picks this season—all under 350 dollar bills, from left to right, bottom to top.

Leather Moto Jacket: I declared that I’d like a moto jacket in nearly every color, but I also want to add in some shearling this season for a softer, edgier (but totally warmer) spin.

Water Repellent Trench Coat: Last winter we experienced a mild El Niño and I invested in a very functional, but unstylish nylon raincoat. Once it rains, I’ll pull out a cropped trench coat instead—who cares if my hair gets wet. Actually, I care.

Denim Bomber Jacket: I know nylon bomber jackets are “in” right now, denim is a much cooler take on a bomber jacket. This Naked and Famous bomber is making me swoon.

Menswear Wool Coat: Now that I find myself wearing a hefty dose of stripes, black and jeans, I have no need to stray too far from a uniform. A menswear-inspired coat is an easy way to look a little chic and feel a lot warmer.

Printed Statement Coat: For those days when I want to pack more punch with my fall outerwear, I reach for a patterned statement coat. Windowpane prints or a fun, botanical print get my vote.

Wool Cocoon Coat: Also last season, I invested in a J.Crew Wool Cocoon coat in a mint green. They’ve been making these coats since 2006 (says them) and every year they come out with new colors. This season, I am crushing on the olive green hue.


Favorite Things: September 23rd

Guess what everyone, I actually broke a sweat in the city this week. Twice. Otherwise, this whirlwind of a week (in life, work and everything in between) flew by (I mean, what’s new) and now my neck hurts really bad. Otherwise, here are my favorite things that I discovered this week:


I got a haircut a couple of weeks ago (which I love) and my stylist recommended that I try out the three-day method. Which basically means don’t wash your hair until the third day. Without the Death Valley dry shampoo by R+Co., I wouldn’t have made it throughout the week.

Narcos on Netflix has been my TV jam as of late. Get ready for lots of drugs, guns and other unmentionables.

New week, new book. Just kidding, I’m lucky if I finish a book within two months. I’m crushing on Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett—it has pictures!

How can I forget the magic that is a Beyoncé concert? That woman sang, danced and made me cry. She really can do it all.

Wednesday Wants: What to Wear in Seattle

What to Wear in Seattle

T-30 days until I head back north to Seattle for a few days of eating, eating, and a little bit of walking. It’s been a while since I’ve last been there (where I literally only spent only a day), so it’s like I’ll be going for my first time! Per usual, it’s bound to be cold and a little rainy while I’m there. But I’ll be with my number one travel partner and a little weekend away never hurts either. Here’s what I’ll pack for Seattle:

Good ol’ blue jeans: Can’t really go wrong here, right?

Grey & White Sweater via Zara: I’ve been craving some warm basics and I think that this might just make the cut for the cold and damp weather in the PNW.

Small Leather Backpack: Seattle has less bustling streets than SF, so I’m going to take that opportunity to not get robbed with a backpack. Plus, they’re chic again!

A Wool Beret: I’m a hat girl—I love them and I will wear them for any appropriate occasion. This one from Goorin Bros is chic and so is this one from ShopBop.

Water Repellant Jacket from Zara: I’ve had my eye on this rain coat for a while—it better not sell out before I leave!

The Heel Boot by Everlane: Everlane launched a new (and higher) ankle boot. Would def wear these with a pair of black skinny jeans and a chambray top for work, work, work, work, work.

Windowpane Cape Scarf by Madewell: Just because it’s cloudy with a chance of rain, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be layering up with a thick scarf.

Favorite Things: September 9th


You know what wasn’t my favorite thing this week? Cramming five days worth of work into four short days. Otherwise, it was a beautiful week in San Francisco where the sun actually came out and evenings were filled with rosé and good meals. Here were my other favorite things from this week:

  • Tokyo-based, Mensho Ramen, actually opened up in the city a while ago, but we finally made it out! Pro tip: Get in line on the early side (we’re talking 5:30 or earlier) and know exactly what you want to order the minute you sit down. They’re not ones to wait while you ponder over the menu.
  • I’m a sucker for the wood wick candles by the Santa Cruz-based Let’s Put a Bird On It. I’m obsessed with the ‘Mermaid’ roll-on fragrance.
  • Engagement parties! I am so, so happy for my friends who are in love and about to mutually put a ring on it. I’m sure there’s more engagement parties in my horizon and for now, I love them!
  • I’m a big fan of palm leaf prints and this ‘Palm Beach’ water bottle by S’well is just waiting to be added to my ever-growing collection of water bottles.
  • New ideas. If you can’t tell from the photo above, there’s a new segment coming on the blog. And no, it’s not how to wear hats or how to prevent farmer’s tans (because let’s be real, I frequently rock them).

Wednesday Wants: September Edition

September Wants

This month, I’m feeling simple. I want to uniform-ize (not a word) my outfits, dumb down my already simple makeup routine and rely on one key beauty product to get me through the month. I’m craving actual grown-up sleepwear in the form of matching sleep sets, a lace cami to wear under a chunky cardigan during the day, then instantly take on a night out. Pair that with a pair of ultra-comfortable pumps and I’ll be set. Gosh, I’m even surprising myself with how basic I’m feeling this month.

Lace Inset Cami from Calypso St. Barth
‘My One True Love’ Iron On Patch from Tuesday Bassen
Pajama Top from Gap
Loeffler Randall ‘Clara’ Pump
>Coco Rose Body Polish from Herbivore
Longwear Eyeshadow in ‘Shore’ by Bobbi Brown

Fall Beauty Essentials

Fall Beauty Essentials

Spring sprang, summer came and went (barely) and fall’s about to set in. But true to San Francisco, it’s about to get hot and I’m not mad about it. As we all head into a new season, I’m diving into some new beauty products that will beat the Indian summer that SF’s about to get and save my skin before winter comes. Here are my fall beauty essentials that I added to my (literal) beauty shelf:

Sunday Riley UFO

U.F.O. Face Oil by Sunday Riley: My skin has been forgetting that it’s nearly quarter of a century old and is instead, acting like a pre-teen. U.F.O. is using it’s salicylic acid powers mixed with all sorts of natural ingredients to clear up my sensitive, combination skin.

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz: I never thought that I would rely on highlighter as part of my makeup routine. However, after leaving my Haloscope at a pal’s house for over a month, I really missed that glowing/subtle glitter bomb look that it lends.

Body Oil by Four Birds Beauty: During a weekend visit to Neeko, Ash introduced me to Philly-based Four Birds Beauty and this moisturizing body oil. I’ve always been adverse to anything oily, but this soaks right in (and quickly too) and makes my skin suuuuper soft.

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Mega Greens Detoxifying Face Mask by Glossier: Alright, I swear Glossier isn’t paying me to write anything. Mega Greens sucks everything out without making my face feel like it’s being pulled in a million directions.

Makana Candle in Tea Leaf: It’s a 100% gurantee that I’m burning a Makana candle nearly every night. Each time I pay a visit home to the OC, I have to stop at Whole Foods to pick up some more. My suitcase always smells real nice when I get back to SF.

Sephora Cleansing Water

Triple Action Cleansing Water by Sephora: Micellar water is all the rage now and is a serious heavy-lifter when it comes to removing eye makeup. I prefer this to any other oil-based eye makeup remover since it makes my eyes feel squeky clean instead of drenched in mascara residue and oil.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Mask: My ideal Friday night consists of a glass of wine, a watchable movie and a face mask. Lately, it’s been this organic skin-peel-meet-clarifying-mask by Alba Botanica.

Stila Waterproof Eyeliner

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner: I don’t know how to put this any other way, but I have oily eyelids. There hasn’t been an eyeliner that’s managed to stay put, until now. Who knew that my favorite lip gloss brand as a little babe would be my favorite eyeliner brand as a big babe?

Stay tuned for the winter beauty roundup in a couple of months!