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Glossier Phase 2 Review

I’m not one to pine for compliments and when people do give me actual compliments, I cringe a little, mumble a meek ‘thank you’, then descend into a tumult of thinking over and over again, “DID THEY REALLY MEAN IT”? The other day, I completely lost my s*&# when my aunt dropped this gem, “Have you heard of Glossier? They totally remind me of you.”

A Little Bit About Glossier

Now that I’m done with my internal mini-meltdown, let me introduce you to Glossier in three sentences. Glossier is the brainchild of Emily Weiss, the founder Into the Gloss and head of the coolest girl gang on earth. Back in 2014, the brand launched their Phase 1 collection which cemented their status as the coolest skincare line and their spot in the beauty cabinets of cool girls everywhere. Phase 1 also introduced their “skin first” mantra with their milk jelly cleanser, a priming moisturizer, and a universally acclaimed skin salve aptly named, “balm dotcom.”

Glossier Stretch Concealer in LightGlossier Boy Brow in BrownGlossier Generation G in Cake

It was only natural that they venture into makeup with their next kit, and that’s just what they did. Earlier this month, Glossier released their Phase 2 set which includes a concealer, brow wax, and matte lipstick to round out their complete mantra of “skin first, makeup second” which I’m a full-blown fan of.

Glossier Phase 2 Review

My Makeup Routine with Glossier Phase 2

I was already a fan of the “no-makeup makeup” look (oxymoronic, I know), but Glossier really hit it out of the park on this one. My makeup routine is now an even quicker process which includes: moisturizing, SPF, the Stretch Concealer, the Boy Brow, mascara, and a swipe of Generation G as partially demonstrated by these gifs.

stretch_concealer glossier_boy_brow glossier_generation_g

I snatched up the Stretch Concealer in light, the Boy Brow in brown, and Generation G in Cake.

What I L.O.V.E. about Glossier Phase 2: 

  • Stretch ConcealerAs a concealer-virgin, I’m in love with the lightweight texture of the Stretch Concealer. It feels like I’m just dabbing a moisturizer over those not-so-pretty spots and areas. Layer it for heavier coverage, or use just a dab for a quick touch-up.
  • Boy BrowAnother new tool to my makeup arsenal was any sort of brow grooming product; just getting my eyebrows threaded was grooming to me. But with the Boy Brow, there’s nary a strand out of place or weirdly slanted to the point where I self-consciously swipe my index finger over my brows every hour. Plus, it’s super easy to apply the mascara-like formula with the teeny wand applicator. If you’re also new to the eyebrow game, I read this article to help me pick my shade (I was deciding between black or brown).
  • Generation GMarketed as a matte lipstick, this really performs like an upgraded chapstick, which is not to say that it’s lacking in staying power. Cake is an orangey-nude hue that gives your lips a healthy flush of color without drawing too much attention to the mouth. It’s the perfect off duty shade and just fine for the office, too.


I’m still not a cool girl, but major props to Glossier for blessing us all with Phase 2. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Phase 3!

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