A Weekend at West Coast Craft

What can one do to kill time before Game 5 of the NBA Finals and escape Karl the Fog? Head to West Coast Craft, of course! Over 100 vendors were stationed at Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion and thousands of Intagramming fiends (like me), showed up. I was so enamored by all of these artisans who took so much passion in their craft. For some, it was their very first show, and for some, this was their old stomping ground.
   Stationed in stores like Collector and Hawthorn in Oakland, CA, Abacus Row should be known far and wide in the Bay Area for her majorly delicate, but shiny and delicate gold bracelets and necklaces. It should be obvious by now that I picked one up.  I never knew that ceramics could be marbled, but The Pursuits of Happiness showed me how. I’m kicking myself for not picking up one of their 2-inch plates for my earrings. Actually, I’m kicking myself for not picking up everything. Next time I’m in the PNW, I’ll have a visit.   The ladies at Calica were so nice. By way of Toronto and Halifax, they brought over their cool prints and pretty scarves.   Congratulations on your first show, Misaki Sano! I was so in love with everything she made. I think I’m at that age where I will gradually begin to meet people who are younger than me and insanely more talented at things than I am. She’s one of them.     A woman just passing by this booth exclaimed, “Your stuff is just so full of love!”. I couldn’t agree more.   Beachy, breezy, and whimsical are three words that I would use to describe all of Pacifica based Yonder’s wares.        Seattle based Pine and Boon makes  buttery leather goods that are perfect for a day out or even a night in. I can’t wait to take my convertible suede crossbody out to the Farmer’s Market. I plan on wearing it as a hands-free fannypack.  I mildly freaked out when I met Rami Kim of Los Angeles. I said something along the lines of, “I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING YOU ON ETSY, YOU HAVE A DOG RIGHT?” Why is anyone even friends with me at this point? I can’t get enough of her salt dishes, to be honest, I’d use them for everything.

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